Attention!!! Due to extremely high demand, only 2 mask types are available and other masks are sold out. Ready stock mask: PM2.5 Korea mask and PM2.5 removable filter mask. Only black color mask available now due to high global demand, other colors not available. Please do not order other mask types besides the above mentioned because out of stock. 



We offers PayPal as a payment gateway to ease the process of payment. PayPal is a very common payment method worldwide. It is easy to use and extremely secure. Payment is completed entirely on but not on our website, and we do not collect any confidential information on your payment. You can pay using PayPal even if you do not currently own a PayPal account and choose to use your credit or debit card on PayPal instead. If you have an account, you may pay using your current PayPal balance. Our team will receive PayPal notification automatically and we will ship out your items directly. 

Online Internet Banking /ATM bank in

Also, we accept online fund transfer or ATM payment from any bank, just make sure you make your payment to:
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Account name: Creatiffe Product and Services
Account number: 3812432419
Remember to inform us at with a photo of your receipt after you have made your payment. We will ship out your items after receiving your payment receipt.