Heat proof stainless steel Valentine love heart shaped fried egg mold /mould /ring /shaper with handle holder for homemade frying pan breakfast cooking

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Love egg mold
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Specification and information

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Product design: 
Heart shaped
Product material: 
Stainless steel
Product size: 
Approx. width 10cm x length 9.5cm)
Product type: 
Mold /shaper
Product description

Heat proof stainless steel Valentine love heart shaped fried egg mold /mould /ring /shaper with handle holder for homemade frying pan breakfast cooking –product description

Are you planning on a gift for your loved one during a Valentine’s Day? Instead, why don’t you make something for your special one? Preparing something by putting in much effort certainly beats any gift that you can buy off easily. A special breakfast might be a good surprise for your beloved one. For this, you will need a heart shaped egg mold to make it look special and memorable. Not just for Valentine, kids love it too if their breakfast egg is heart-shaped instead of a dull ordinary shape. Also, it is highly recommended for those who love cooking in the kitchen and culinary art which presentation of food is deemed crucial.

Love egg mold from Chubeestore helps you in frying egg by shaping it into the shape of a heart. It consists of a ring that serves as a container for an egg. There is also a handle to ease the process of putting it down initially and lifting it up right after the egg is cooked and takes its shape. Heat proof stainless steel material is definitely better compared to a plastic mold because it has higher melting point whereas plastic can melt easily with extreme heat from the cooking oil. Not just fried egg, but you may use the shaper to cook many other kinds of food you can think of as well. The uses are only limited by the creativity of the cook. 


User instruction

How to use heat proof stainless steel Valentine love heart shaped fried egg mold /mould /ring /shaper with handle holder for homemade frying pan breakfast cooking?

How does this egg mold works? Fresh egg is in liquid state. This tool helps shaping it in the cooking process. It can be removed once the egg is cooked and the shape stabilizes. Follow the steps below:

  1. Apply some oil on the inner ring of the mold.
  2. With the fire on, put the mold on the frying pan.
  3. Pour adequate amount of oil into the mold container.
  4. After the oil is heated, crack an egg into the mold.
  5. You may remove the mold once the egg is cooked.
  6. How long you cook is up to your personal preference. Flipping over to avoid frying only at one side is up to your preference too (optional).

*Tips and tricks: Apply a thin layer of oil on inner ring of the mold. This helps in the cooking process and forming a better shape, because the sides of an egg need to be cooked properly to maintain a fixed shape. It also aid in mold removing and dish washing process because the oil will prevent the egg from sticking at the ring. Besides, oil prevents the egg from seeping out from the tiny opening between the mold and the pan, resulting in an ugly shape.

*Tips and tricks: Preheat the oil before cracking an egg into the mold. The pan and the mold can never be perfectly flat and even if they do, there will still be opening between them. Hot oil helps cooking and preventing the egg from staying in liquid form and flowing everywhere resulting in a huge mess.

*Maintenance: Avoid physical damage because the mold is mostly hollow and easily bent. Also stay away from fire to prevent deformation.

*Maintenance: Wash it with sponge or wipe with cloth. Avoid cleaning with metal dish brush for longevity of the product.

It is common that the resulting shape of your first attempt might be less ideal. The important rule is to never be disheartened but keep trying and learning from mistakes as practice makes perfect. Follow the tips and tricks above and you should be able to get a decent shaped egg.