Korea Miss Bongsuni portable suction cup wall /door /window /sink mount plastic /grocery /dustbin /garbage /rubbish /trash bag hanger holder organiser organizer bin rack with lid for kitchen /bathroom /office /car

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Trash bag hanger (plastic bag not included)
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Specification and information

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White, blue, pink
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Suction cup
Product description

Korea Miss Bongsuni portable suction cup wall /door /window /sink mount plastic /grocery /dustbin /garbage /rubbish /trash bag hanger holder organiser organizer bin rack with lid for kitchen /bathroom /office /car –product description

Korea Miss Bongsuni trash bag hanger on Chubeestore.com is a very convenient tool for organizing garbage. It has a nice looking appearance that enhances the overall design of your room, kitchen, car, or wherever you put it. It is a holder for garbage bag but unlike usual dustbin, it mounts onto the wall or any smooth surface and takes up less space. It has a detachable ring to lock rubbish bag firmly without dropping. The size is irrelevant, meaning you can increase the volume if you want by using a bigger or longer bag, by simply attaching it to a higher position for the increased size. It is also useful in situations like you have babies or toddlers in the house. You can avoid dustbin getting toppled and them messing with the rubbish inside since you can adjust the position of the trash bag hanger to be beyond their reach. It has wide usability if you know how to use it.

Korea Miss Bungsuni trash bag hanger can be attached on various places, such as:

  • Kitchen sink
  • Table top
  • Door
  • Cabinet
  • Car window
  • Bathroom wall
  • Anywhere you can think of

Setting it at one corner of the table and you will realize that it works really well compared to dustbin on table top, because table moves sometimes, or your hand might be hitting on the dustbin and the trash will drop everywhere for you to clean up the mess. This trash bag holder however is set firmly using suction cup and it is very stable. It is widely used on kitchen sink as well to ease the process of throwing away unwanted food like leftover of soup or bones. Applying it on the door and cabinet saves space rather than using a trash bin. Some people might think that garbage is unsightly if exposed. The trash bag hanger can be attached on the inside of a cabinet door instead to hide it from the guests. Since suction cup works well on smooth surface especially on glass, this trash bag hanger is recommended to be used on car window as well. Many people often have trouble throwing things while driving and a simple tool like this solve the issue perfectly. Using this in the toilet is feasible as well, because it can be attach to a higher position to avoid water splashing on to it. 







User instruction

How to use Korea Miss Bongsuni portable suction cup wall /door /window /sink mount plastic /grocery /dustbin /garbage /rubbish /trash bag hanger holder organiser organizer bin rack with lid for kitchen /bathroom /office /car

How does this trash bag hanger works? It works via vacuum created within the suction cup and another feature which must not be overlooked is the detachable ring that locks plastic bag firmly. If the ring is not used, the bag can easily slip off each time you open the bin.

  1. Find a desired smooth surface to attach the hanger. Make sure you wipe the area clean first.
  2. Open up the suction cup by pulling up the lever if it is not already opened.
  3. While applying some pressure onto the suction cup to make sure it is air tight, push down the lever to lock it on the surface firmly.
  4. Now that the hanger is attached, remove the inner ring by pulling it upward.
  5. Place your trash bag around the lid (or the ring – see tips below).
  6. Attach the inner ring back and make sure you lock the bag nicely.
  7. Close the lid and you are done!

*Suction cup is best applied on smooth surface such as glass, tiles, etc. This product is not designed to be applied on rough surface, such as wooden surface with deep wood grain or uneven wall surface.

*Suction cup should always be opened but not locked if not in use. This helps in preserving the longevity of the product. If the shape changes after long use, simply dip it in 60-70°C hot water for around 10 minutes and leave it dry in opened but not locked condition. This should help in reshaping the suction cup. 

* Tips: A little trick if you think garbage bag exposing around the lid is unsightly: attach the plastic bag on the inner ring but not around the lid. Simply remove the inner ring, wrap the plastic bag on it and lock it back onto the lid. It definitely looks better this way.