Mini snail citrus mandarin orange fruit skin peeler /remover /slicer /cutter – single ring, many colors

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Single ring orange skin peeler unit
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How do you benefit from it?

Single ring orange skin peeler is designed to be a simple tool for users to peel fruits with thin and soft peel, rind or skin. It makes your life easier because:

  • Kids can be protected from bleeding because it is safe for children. It is only made of plastic, not a sharp metallic knife. Using real knife can be a danger for smaller children and a plastic peeler plays a better role here. Having said that, you are advised not to let children under 3 years old to play around with the pointy edge. 
  • You can use it easily. It is simple and easy-to-use. Learning and mastering it to use it every day is as easy as pie. Just slides in your finger, preferably your thumb and cut open the orange skin in circular motion using the pointy tip. Pry open the skin using the edge and enjoy your juicy orange!
  • You can use it for a long time without spoiling it. It is durable and hard to break. It is made of solid plastic material that can withstand repetitive use daily without breaking. Use it for a long time without worry about getting a new one.
  • You can save your money and energy. It is cheap. It only costs you little and yet it helps you a lot in your daily life.
  • You can use it and protect your finger tip. Finger tip is the most sensitive part of your palm. If you put too much force to peel open an orange, it hurts your finger and destroys the fruit as well. Using a tool instead of your own hand is always a better option.
  • You can peel orange with ease even if your nails are trimmed. Most men keep their finger nails short and often they find it difficult to make the opening cut to facilitate peeling. A simple tool like this will definitely do the trick.
  • You can protect your fingernails. Most women maintain their finger nails. Sometimes, pushing too hard while peeling an orange will break their nails. Or, using finger nails to peel an orange is not preferable because of nail polish. So, why don’t you use a simple peeling tool instead?

Specification and information

Product brand: 
Product usage: 
Product color: 
White, orange
Product design: 
Mini snail
Product material: 
Product type: 
Single ring
Product description

Single ring orange skin peeler product description

This orange peeler is light weight and easy to keep. It has a design resembling a snail with a ring to insert your finger and an arc-shaped body with pointed tip.


The ring is made large enough to slides in your thumb. It is suitable for men and women regardless of your finger size. The arc-shaped body fits perfectly on the surface of an orange so that you can slides along the surface of the orange skin and cuts it open with the pointed tip with ease. Just apply a little force and you can peel an orange easily with no problem at all.




It is suitable to be used at home, outdoor, as well as in hotels and restaurants. It is small and highly portable which make it a perfect tool to peel fruits while camping outside. 



User instruction

How to use single ring orange peeler

How does the single ring orange skin peeler works? It’s simple. Only 3 steps involved:

  1. Insert your thumb into the ring (You may use your other finger instead if you like).
  2. Slides the pointy tip along the orange starting from the core, from top to the bottom.
  3. Pry the orange skin open with the edge of the peeler and enjoy your orange!

Note: This tool is only suitable to peel fruits with soft and thin skin, such as orange, tangerine, mandarin orange, lemon and other similar fruits. Pomelo and shaddock are only suitable only if the peel is not too hard and thick.