Upgraded manual apple pear potato fruit skin peeler /remover /skinner /parer machine

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Apple fruit skin peeler unit, packaging box
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How do you benefit from it?

It makes your life easier because:

  • You can peel an apple easily even if you do not know how. Peeling an apple using Chubeestore apple peeler machine is extremely easy. It does not involve any skills like the traditional way of peeling. The outcome by the machine is great because the peel is shallow and does not waste anything by peeling too deep, which sometime occurs if done by hands.
  • You can save your time and trouble. Using peeler machine is fast and straight forward, and can be quickly done within 5 seconds. Plug the apple in, turn the handle and pull the apple out. Simple and quick!
  • You will never worry about it getting rusty or blunt someday. The blades are made of high quality stainless steel which does not get rusty. If the blade becomes blunt after many years using it, you can easily replace it with a spare blade because the blade part is designed to be replaceable.
  • You can save money. No need to worry about getting a new machine after long use, just change the blade.
  • You are encouraged to keep a healthy life. An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Yet, it is easily said than done. With hectic pace of life, one often forgets to take fruits every day. Just get one apple peeler machine and set it on your dining table. Since it only serves one purpose, peeling apple, you will never get to ignore it and remember to eat an apple after each meal.
  • You can have fun! The usual way of peeling is a dull task but using peeler machine is interesting. This is especially true for small children. Kids will get excited seeing such machine and cannot wait to try and play with it. This also eventually encourages them to eat more fruits for a healthier life. 

Specification and information

Product brand: 
Product usage: 
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Product material: 
Plastic, stainless steel
Product type: 
Manual hand crank peeler
Product description

Upgraded manual apple pear potato fruit skin peeler /remover /skinner /parer machine – product description

Everyone knows that apple is a healthy fruit and is highly recommended to be consumed each and every day. Apple helps in getting healthier heart, maintaining whiter and cleaner teeth, reducing your cholesterol level and controlling your weight. It has antioxidant that is crucial in fighting against diseases like cancer.  



Knowing how significant it is, you probably should take one each day. However, you are not very good in peeling apple, or you are a bit lazy to do so, especially on a daily basis. What should you do? It is simple. Just get one Chubeestore apple peeler machine. Why? Because it is really convenient! Peeling apple is never been easier than using a peeler machine. Just plug an apple in and turn the handle. What happen is that it will spin the peeling blade around an apple automatically according to its shape, and peel off the skin in the process. The blade is designed to adhere softly on the surface, adjusting the angle by itself according to the shape of the apple you put in, and remove the apple skin.

The result is really great because:

  • It can peel all apples in any shape. Although all apples appear round-ish, they will never be perfectly round. You often notice that certain regions are curvy, and certain regions are flat while peeling an apple. This apple machine can adapt to the small irregularities, as long as it is round in shape overall.
  • The peeled apple skin is really thin. A spring-like mechanism help the blade to touch softly on the surface as it move and only remove unwanted skin without wasting away extra flesh.
  • The peeling is flawless and no skin is attached in between the path it moves. When you peel by hands, it is inevitable that you will notice for each slices of skin you peel off, sometimes you leave a line of skin in between not removed. What you will do next is to peel off that line of skin as well, wasting away extra flesh, or just ignore it. This will never happen on apple peeler machine. The machine is designed so well that it will peel in circular motion but will never leave any unpeeled skin in between.  The apple you pull out from it is guaranteed a clean white apple with no residual skin.
  • It can also peel any other fruit or food which has similar shape to an apple. A few good examples are pear and potatoes. 


One really good feature about this particular model is that it has a removable blade. It is designed to ease the process of replacing the blade without needing any tool at all. Just press on the sides and pull the old blade out, subsequently slide a new blade back in. The replacement blade is easily accessible and you can get it from us directly. Why waste money to get a new apple peeler machine when you can just simple replace the old blade? There are other models in the market with non-replaceable blade and you will find them difficult to use. You may have to customize yourself a new blade by cutting your razor blade and screw it back on, and the worst part is, it will never be fit!

Another nice feature of this model is that it is made of large gears or wheels with complicated but complete setup to support backward rotation. In other words, it has two directions of rotation - front and back. You might wonder what the meaning of this is. This is particularly important when the blade get stuck in the midst of rotation. This rarely happens, but sometime it occurs due to slight irregularity in shape and a wrong angle. When it get stuck, you can move forward no further so you may simply turn the handle the opposite direction to move backward and try again. There are some models in the market which have only simple and small gear assembly to cut down the cost and do not support backward movement. If it is stuck, you can neither move forward nor backward, which is absolutely disastrous. So, choose wisely!

Also, this upgraded version has all improved features including a push out device and suction cups adhesion. Push out device is an added feature on the pins to help pushing out the fruit after peeling. The fruit is usually held firmly on the pins and the push out device ease the process of taking it out by pushing the button at the back of the pin. On the other hand, suction cups are attached at the bottom to help holding the peeler machine firmly on the table. As a result, you can peel with only one hand turning the handle without needing the other hand securing the entire unit from shaking while turning the handle. Extra protective covers are given as well to protect the sharp parts from injuring your hands when not in use. 






If you need the apple to be cut after peeling it, consider getting an apple corer splicer to remove the core and slices the apple at the same time. Click here: 

Product comparison

Upgraded manual apple pear potato fruit skin peeler /remover /skinner /parer machine – product comparison

Upgraded manual apple pear potato fruit skin peeler /remover /skinner /parer machine – product comparison



Peeling apple with slight irregularly in shape

Peeling with thin apple skin

Peeling with no residual apple skin

Easily removable and replaceable blade


Suction cup adhesion to table


Push-out device


Large wheel with backward rotation if stuck






User instruction

How to use upgraded manual apple pear potato fruit skin peeler /remover /skinner /parer machine

How does the apple peeler machine works? It’s simple. Only 5 steps involved:

  1. Make sure the blade is at starting position, which is directly below the pins.
  2. Plug in your apple into the 4 sharp pins. Usually the bottom of an apple is plugged in instead of the top, because the apple stem might be in the way.
  3. Turn the handle in circular motion. The apple is fully peeled in the process, but keep turning until the blade is back to its initial position, i.e. a 360 degree is recommended. The blade is better kept hidden under the pins beyond reaching while grabbing your apple, and this position also prepare for next peeling process.
  4. Pull out the apple from the pins.
  5. Serve the apple. It is recommended to put safety protectors back on the sharp parts (the blade and the pins) as well.

Note: This tool is specially made to peel apple, and might be use to peel similar fruits or food as well, such as a pear or a potato, if its shape is similar to an apple. It is not recommended to cut an irregular shaped pear with this. Only round shape is suitable.